SHADOW WARRIOR 2 - Shipping Update & More

SHADOW WARRIOR 2 - Shipping Update & More

June is zooming down the tracks quickly and many who pre-ordered are wondering just when their amazing Shadow Warrior 2 Reserves will be shipping. 

We've got your answers. As it turns out, the collectibles in this amazing bundle are all prepped and ready (which handpainted Kanji do you think you'll get?) for shipping, but the actual disc manufacturing is currently being held for completion.

Why? Well, after our amazing day-and-date release of STRAFE®'s Special Reserve to go along with the game's general release, we got a massive amount of feedback. Amidst the positive response, we also heard a loud hue and cry from physical collectors who were quite disappointed to learn that the physical disc would not contain the Day One patches that were issued in the earliest days of the release.

Sure, patches are applied through the PlayStation Network the first time the disc is played, and the game becomes just as playable as the digital version. But what we heard was that for many collectors, that isn't enough. 

We got the message loud and clear: Collectors want a pristine disc of their games, with all available Day One patches applied.

It is for this reason that the pressing of these discs has been held, just long enough to be confident we're sending the most pristine, updated and playable game your way.

No, we're not thrilled about waiting after assuring pre-orders that the game would ship sometime in June. However, we believe this is the way to create the highest quality releases and to be responsive to the requests of our fans. 

We expect that the delay will be between 1-2 weeks, meaning that the ship date for this Reserve will push into the first or second week of July.

We sincerely apologize if this creates an inconvenience for you, but we hope you'll agree this delay will result in the highest possible quality game for your collection! We'll post an update with the exact ship date for you as soon as we have it available.

Thanks as always for supporting great independent games!

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