What an Awesome Week!

What an Awesome Week!

What an awesome week! Launching the STRAFE® Special Reserve Editions has been so exciting and we're thrilled by and grateful for everyone's response to this killer game and the excellent goodies we've created to go with it.

It has not been without its bumps, though, and we are aware of a number of issues that some of you have had trying to get your Reserves.
Here is an update on what we know:


  • You can now Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • The correct Purchase Receipt is now emailed after purchase
  • All reported issues on mobile have been corrected
  • "View Reserve" and "Preorder Reserve" no longer hover over reserve images
  • FIXED: sometimes the billing fields do not appear after calculating shipping
  • FIXED: cannot switch between PC / PS4 / Bundle
  • FIXED: several Javascript issues


Registration worked for many users, but a few are receiving their site registration at all, or hitting a dead link when they click the validation email URL.


please check your filters as some users have found theirs in their Promotions or Spam folders. A small number of others simply did not receive a registration. This is a known bug and we have been implementing fixes, so please try again. 


The most common issue is that these links expire in 1 hour. If you clicked immediately and still got this error, please contact us at support@specialreservegames.com.


Generally a Failed Transaction error is caused by one of the following:

  • Incorrectly entered billing address information or card number
  • A problem with the card at the issuing bank
  • Repeated, rapid attempts to purchase after an initial try fails, or other card or IP issues which can trigger fraud protection software by our store or your bank – this is the number one customer service inquiry we have right now.

We have updated our system to give better messages on what the problem is when any transaction fails; we're recommending to folks that they try again – ONCE – and let us know if they still have an "undefined" or unspecified issue.
There is no way for us to override these fraud protections if triggered or make manual sales instead; if you've checked with your bank to be sure the card is clear, the only resolution is to wait a few hours and try again. Please do not try over and over again quickly with the same or different cards, because you'll just trigger the fraud protection again and lock yourself out!


Sadly we were not able to implement Paypal in time to be ready for the release of the awesome STRAFE® - but we are working on it to get in place in the weeks ahead. We recommend a prepaid credit card if you are not a card holder, because STRAFE® will surely sell out before we can accept Paypal. 


APO Addresses: Unfortunately, payment processors and banks are unable to validate APO addresses for payments, so we are unable to sell/ship to APO addresses at this time with our payment process. We're hoping that accepting Paypal will resolve this issue once implemented and we apologize to any members of the military who are unable to obtain this release!

Multiple items in single shipment: Yes, we are working to add quantity purchases to our cart for future Reserves, but for now, we will be going through and merging any duplicate orders and combining shipping so that we can refund shipping costs if at all possible.
DDP for international orders: We are hard at work with our shipper trying to implement DDP to apply it to this Reserve shipment. We’ll update with applicable countries etc. as soon as we have more information.

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